Euskadi’s Sustainable Mobility Plan

The Euskadi Sustainable Mobility Plan (SMP) is the planning instrument that, based on the coordination and intermodal transport integration for people’s mobility and freight logistics, will enable a systematic, coherent and comprehensive treatment of all the actions aimed at achieving a sustainable mobility model in the Basque Country.

The territorial scope of the PMSE is the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and its time horizon is ten years. The scheduled actions are structured in six simultaneous phases to ensure a dynamic process in order to enrich and reinforce the base situation and the development strategies.

As a consequence of this approach, the most important challenges of the study area have been formulated in relation to the mobility, habits and experiences of users and the intervention capacity (economic, competence and management) of each agent as well as the challenges will be calibrated to establish the foundation to formulate the specific and strategic objectives of the PMSE.

Figure 2: Private vehicle mobility in the functional área of Donostialdea – Bajo Bidasoa