Revision of the Guadalajara Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The purpose of the revision of the Guadalajara Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is to achieve an optimal, efficient and more balanced modal share in distribution of travel. The aim is to revitalize the public space by returning it to pedestrians, as well as the rest of the active and sustainable modes of travel, to meet the mobility needs of the entire population and to reduce the environmental impact of motorized transport. Accordingly, various measures to “soften” urban environments will be considered such as the implementation of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the historic centre of the city, where pedestrians regain the leading role with less presence of vehicles and a mixed platform as the main road configuration.

The SUMP represents the mobility management tool that the City Council uses to structure its mobility policies, seeking to promote sustainable development strategies urban and mobility to improve environmental quality, the competitiveness, security and accessibility of Guadalajara’s urban and mobility model.

The Plan defines priorities, establishes specific action measures, foresees future scenarios to achieve the established objectives. It also defines the monitoring mechanism that allows the continuous evaluation and review of the plan, contemplating the possibility of modifying or reformulating the different measures to adapt to the dynamic environment.

Road configuration sections for depending on the road capacity.