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Traffic management and transport demand

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Traffic modelling and simulation

We have solid experience developing macro and microscopic traffic models with simulation tools to analyse and validate changes in the transport infrastructure.

Public transport studies.

We carry out studies that allow us to improve attractiveness and viability of the service to guarantee people’s access to workplaces, educational centers, public resources, shopping areas, etc. in an efficient and safe manner.

Shared mobility studies

We analyse and work on the functional and operational impact of shared mobility services to improve their implementation and user experience.

Due diligence

We evaluate the sustainability of the current service based on the objectives and guidelines required and the check the viability based on financial forecasts.

Mobility Plans for events (PME)

We collaborate with administrations and private companies that promote and manage events with a large influx of public, in order to develop functional or emergency actions associated with the flow and accommodation of people and the available transport systems.

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